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Diversity & Inclusion

The Best Results Begin at Home

We recognise that to be successful we need to engage, hire and promote people from a diverse background. We plan our business around a balanced workforce and as a result 50% of our management team are women. 

Our policy ensures that we do not tolerate discrimination on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, age or disability and by encouraging a diversified employee base we foster a more forward thinking approach and increased innovation.

We know how important diversity is to our clients and by valuing this within our own business we want to lead the way with our shared understanding.

A Collaborative Approach

Understanding – It’s important for us that we truly understand our client’s Diversity Strategy so we can best represent this internally to our staff, but also externally to the market place.

Accountability - Our internal Diversity training mirrors the needs of our clients and we carry out post placement diversity questionnaires, in order to track information and report back to our clients in an anonymous format.  

Fulfilment - We listen carefully to our client’s requirements to ensure we are clear on how to transfer diversity goals into diversity hires, and work closely with them on an approach to deliver swift, meaningful and sustainable impact.  

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