Meet the Team


Sam Vandepeer


I’m Sam and I’m a Consultant here at Vertus, having completed a Law Conversion after graduating from the University of Southampton. I mainly specialise in Python Development, but also focus on Data Engineering and Scala.  

I’d like to think myself a bit of a techie so speaking to people about their profession is something I’ve found incredibly interesting and potentially finding them their dream job is an added bonus. I also love meeting new people and building relationships so getting to speak to people all day about their passions is one of the biggest perks of the job for me.

As an Arsenal fan I’m well adapted to the highs and lows of life so in that regard I’m already well versed in the experience of a recruiter. I can only hope my time as a recruiter has a few more highs than I’ve experienced as an Arsenal fan!

Outside of work, I’m an avid sportsman and play both Football and Cricket pretty much year round dependent on the season. Although, it seems as though I’m held together by elastic bands and duct tape at the moment, so I haven’t played much recently.  I also like to raise money for charity when I can, having completed the Southampton Half-Marathon as well as orchestrating my Football team, myself included of course, to run the distance to Budapest in 10 days for MIND UK (no pain, no gain as they say). In the other free time I have, I love watching films, going out with friends and watching pretty much any sport I can find, you name it I’ve probably seen it at least once!