Meet the Team


Will Webster


I’m Will, and I’m a recruitment consultant here at Vertus partners. Recruitment has been my first job out of university, and it has been a great experience to start to learn all about this industry. I consider myself a people person so the fact that I talk to people and help people along in their journey to start new careers is one of the biggest perks of the job for me. The trust that people place in our hands in terms of finding them a new role which could potentially occupy the rest of their working life is no small thing, and it inspires me to find them the best role that I possibly can. Being able to place someone in a new role doing something that they love to do is extremely empowering and rewarding and I’m already hooked!

I’ve really enjoyed starting to build up a Java Development network and exploring that space, which is the area I specialise in, as there are no shortage of Java roles so I am always busy.

In my spare time, I love history and geopolitics, having studied them at university, so I love a good documentary or book and am always up to date on world events. I’m a film buff and, for my sins, a loyal supporter of Arsenal football club through the highs and lows (almost exclusively lows for the past few years). I love learning about other cultures and parts of the world and have been lucky enough to be able to travel around a fair bit in my time. On a weekend,  I can usually be found going to restaurants with great veggie options, going out with my mates, or staying in and chilling out on the sofa watching telly, usually the day after going out with my mates funnily enough!