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George Campbell

George Campbell


I’m George and I’m a Recruitment Consultant specialising in the Development space here at Vertus Partners. Working within the Financial Services industry is something I’ve always sought after, so when I was offered the chance to work here, straight out of University, I instantly said yes. I’ve always wanted to work with people and I consider one of my strengths to be my conversational skills and ability to hold a dialogue in an engaging manner; this meant recruitment was the perfect role for me. This job enables me to change people’s lives, which is no small matter and the fact that I can do this whilst working within a field that I am deeply interested in is a massive privilege.

Since I’ve been here, I have built up a network of talented Java Developers, connecting them with some of the best roles in the UK’s biggest Investment Banks. I always have new opportunities presenting themselves and, therefore, always have a job of interest to provide to willing candidates.

When I’m away from work I have a few hobbies, including playing golf, eating nice food and suffering as a Brighton fan. I studied English at the University of Nottingham, so I often attempt to be a good alum by reading a good novel, but seldom make it through the first 3 pages! I also have a new puppy at home, so weekends tend to be spent getting exhausted from playing with her or going out with my friends for walks around the East Sussex countryside.