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Russell Rose

Russell Rose

Co-Founder and Director

As Co-Founder of Vertus I play a key part in building, training and managing our high performing teams whilst also expanding and delivering to our client base.

I knew from a very early stage in my career that I wanted to recruit for the Financial Services market and become a specialist in my field. For someone to entrust you with their career or hiring for their team is a great responsibility and to play a key part in potentially changing someone’s life is a great feeling.

I’ve always loved the process of getting to know people, finding out exactly what it is that they want and then delivering.  It’s an ongoing challenge that I relish, whether it’s speaking to a candidate who is looking for their next move or a client that’s looking for a very niche skill set.  

We work in an industry that sometimes doesn’t truly get the credit it deserves but people will always remember a good recruiter and by doing things properly anyone has the potential to be a success and change their life. 

In my spare time I’m a keen golfer, with a love of Football and Film.  I’ll also happily take over a BBQ at short (or no notice).